A game that faithfully introduces modern gamers to the granddad of gaming.

User Rating: 8.5 | Game Boy Gallery 4 GBA
Score: 8,6/10

+Both ports of many old G&W games and modern renditions of them in one package
+Retro gaming at its absolute best
+A large array of extras

-None of the games really have much substance while standing alone


Game and Watch is a character not many know of. However, little do many know that he is one of the epitaphs of gaming, and is pretty much the precursor of the superpower we call Nintendo. G&W was a series that started 1980 and was literally a gaming device and watch in one, hence GAME and WATCH. Being a handheld of sorts, it also boasted an LCD screen and an alarm, making it quite a gadget at the time. What G&W Gallery 4 does is put together the tried and true G&W games of yore and faithful renditions of the games to make an experience no-one should miss.

Story: None
Game and Watch was really ALL about the gameplay, and this holds true to this day. Sure, most of the games have a back story of some kind, but really, it isn't that important at all. Let's leave it at that.

Sound/score: 8,5/10
Be it the beeps and bloops of G&W moving around to the cheery tunes that play whilst in the games, you really can't go wrong here. Only gripe about the sound that I can find is that it isn't memorable in any aspect. Still, it's fun while it lasts, and that is what's important.

Gameplay: 8,8/10
There is an absolute plethora of games here to choose from. Games like Chef, Fire and Donkey Kong Jr. are all available here to play in all their glory, along with other games of various mechanics and difficulty. Not only that, once you've gotten high enough scores in a sufficient amount of games, you will unlock other games in the G&W vault, adding even more bang to your buck. Not all games are equally as fun, mind, but you can always decide to play the modern versions of the games. Yes, all the games outside the vault have been remade with a host of Nintendo characters. Not all are as good as the original, but some actually exceed the prototype, which is made even better considering they are all great. I could go into more depth regarding every game, but that would be a long and exhausting list, and discovering each and every game for yourself is the most rewarding part of the game, anyway.

Replayability: 9,1/10
As previously mentioned, the amount of games is staggering. This, of course, makes this game a very lasting experience. In every game, you can earn points for attaining certain goals. The more points, the more stars you get. You can then use these stars to unlock more games and the cycle continues. A few of the games are even available to play with a friend. Even though this is also necessary to get some of the stars, it is still a nice addition. All in all, this is a game that you will be playing for quite some time.

What more can be said? Anyone interested in gaming history shouldn't pass on this wonderful collection. If you can find it, this is definitely worth a purchase.