Over all it's a good game for anyone who likes collections but the simple graphix and very unacsessable games are bad

User Rating: 7.5 | Game Boy Gallery 4 GBA
Yo this is kittykatz5k, the master of classic complations here with a new collection. Game and Watch gallery 4 (Just picked this game up for $15) Pros. A very good amount of games, modern remakes, tons of unlockables, and the game and watch master of them all, zelda. Cons, Very unacsessable, may take endless hours and weeks to just earn some new stars, bad audio and graphix, zelda is one of the last things on the list to unlock. Over all a good game, its games are some of the least complicated and shallow games around but how it delivers them is good. You start with only like 6 games + 6 modern versions of them. You later unlock 5 more games + 5 modern versions of them. Making a total of 22 main games. There are also 9 in teh game and watch gallery. Though they don't have modern versions, games like climber and bombsweaper are deaper and more challengeing games then those found else where. How do I unlock these games. There is a system they have, every 200 points you earn in modern, modern hard, classic, and classic hard gets you a new star. You can earn a total of 20 starts for one game (5 star maximum for each mode you play). After earning 5, 10, or 15 stars, you'll unlock something new. Now this can be frustrating and make you giveup. (Thats how I found my copy, some guy turned his copy in frustrated, it sat on the shelfs for weeks and took sevral price drops.) The ultimate goal in the game is to unlock the game and watch legend, the greatst o them all, zelda. You do this by getting a total of 160 stars. Easy said then done as these games test your twich based skills, your patients to reach the total 1000, and your mastery of the game. The gameplay as mentioned before is shallow and at times, boring but keeps drawing you in somehow with the intention of getting every star. The graphix for this are mimimum, while some sites in teh game are pretty, they get old fast. Most of the people in teh game are well drawn but have no more then 5 gif animation slides and they just slide acros the floor when you tell them to move, they dont have any running animations. The audio is full of nothing but bleeps bloops and a constantly looping music track. If you like this game style, the value is at a all time high. This game will make you play endless hours just trying to unlock all this game has to offer.