A fun game and watch game

User Rating: 7.5 | Game & Watch Collection: Manhole ERDR
This ERDR is one of the best this game might be boring at the start but as you go on it gets more fun and harder.This game is the right game for ERDR fans and game and watch fans.This game and watch game came out in the 80s and now they brought it back in 2002.This game might not be great to all ERDR fans but im sure some will like this.This game is fun but it is not the best game and watch game.This was a fun game to play on the game boy.Nintendo did a really great job at making this ERDR game.This ERDR was a new manhole version but it is still the same old manhole game and watch.This game is really fun but it is boring at the start of the ERDR game and watch game.This is a very fun game and watch game but like i said this is not the best game and watch game.Also this is not the best ERDR game in the whole ERDR series.