It's a classic in terms of LED gaming's past, but doesn't last long in today's gaming.

User Rating: 5.6 | Game & Watch Collection: Manhole ERDR
This is a game that recreates the LED gaming classic Manhole, which was a part of Nintendo's game and Watch line. The object of the game is to cover the manholes before the people cross so they don't fall in. It's simple to understand but rather addictive in comparison to the other LED games out in the early 80's.

The only downside to it being out for the e-reader is,'s a pretty old game. You'll have fun with it a bit, but eventually you'll abandon this game. it can’t be saved to the E-reader’s memory, which is a major downside, while being available for play on one card, is a plus. Manhole features two difficulty levels, and overall it's pretty accurate in recreating the original experience.