Even with its minor flaws Galaga makes for a charming, nostalgic, and cheap port of an arcade classic.

User Rating: 7.4 | Galaga X360
Needless to say Galaga is a pure classic. It revolutionized the gaming industry and showed what was possible with videogames. It left its mark on the industry and paved the way for future titles. It is only proper that such a game is given new life on next gen consoles. Namco did a great job porting this classic making for an extremly accurate game of Galaga.

The gameplay stays in line with its past and plays just like you remember it. Even with that I still believe there is room for improvement. An occuring theme with majority of the classic game now out on the marketplace is to give a classic port but also give players the option to play an update version with a new fresh feel. Instead Galaga only offers the classic mode that has been played for over 20 years and does nothing to take advantage of the Xbox 360's new capabilities. Can you imagine how online co-op could breathe life into this game. Even just putting some new twist on the gameplay would be greatly appreciated.

Graphics are still the old school bits that we've come to love. The ship and aliens have not been modified and look as good as ever. However like with gameplay I wish that a new updated version could have been used in this situation. I was really hoping that this game would come with upgraded graphics just like many of the other games on the marketplace. Also I believe there was a major design flow with the friend alerts and similar things. When this happens it obstructs the view of your ship often leading to certain death. The presentation was done extremly well and really gets you into the game. Also the menus are extremly easy to navigate.

The sounds of Galaga have mostly stayed intact and bring back a lot of memories. The sounds are crisp and clear and sound better than ever. This is one feature that shouldn't have been touched and wasn't.

Galaga has done what it was suppose to do which was to bring back the memories of the old days of gaming. It does well at presenting an acceptable and intact port of this arcade classic that does well at presenting what it is which is just a good, old fashioned game of Galaga. This game is a must buy for all arcade fans that want one more go at this classic game.