Galaga. I bought it because I was sleepy.

User Rating: 5 | Galaga X360
:Good Idea:
·Achievements aren't overly hard like some publishers tend to push for. You could actually get them all if you're any good at space shooters.
·The game isn't bugged (as far as I'm aware).
·Hey, if you love the old arcade games, this is one of the classics. Cool thing is, you don't need quarters to play so you can actually increase your skills in Galaga. That will get you the ladies.

:Bad Idea:
·Okay, seriously, no Live play at all? I don't think my friends are going to come over and play me in some Galaga on a 50" plasma. There's just no need to do that.
·There's not much to the game. I thought I remembered more back in the day. Oh well, guess I'm just retarded.
·Paying for this game.

·Seriously, just go get an emulator and play this. I wasted my money on this when I actually wanted to get Street Fighter II tomorrow. Guess I'll have to pay off a credit card to get that game (which better not suck).