Galactic Attack is an awesome old school shooter and Saturn owners everywhere should try to get their hands on it.

User Rating: 9.3 | Layer Section SAT
Storyline: I bought this game pre-owned from Blockbuster a few years ago and for some reason back then they had some weird habit of ripping the covers off their games and putting that alone in the game case, as for the actual manual content, I don't know what happened to that so I don't know the story. Seeing as this is a port from an arcade game there probably isn't much of a story, but if there is, it isn't explained in the game (from what I remember). Gameplay: Galactic Attack is a top down shooter where you are always moving forward, but do have the ability to move side to side. Your arsenal consists of a laser cannon and target missiles, by picking up items that are dropped by fallen enemies you have the ability to make these weapons much stronger. Enemies fly directly towards you, in this case you use your laser cannon to destroy them, but there are just as many enemies flying beneath you, and for them you use your target missiles. Occasionally you'll come across a boss, which I find to be the highlight of the game. The bosses are usually very well rendered ships, and they are a lot bigger than your little ship. Fighting bosses requires you to combine all all of your gaming skills, because you'll have other ships flying around trying to attack you also. Galactic Attack also features a 2 player co-op mode, you use the same continues so if either you, the other player, or both of you aren't very good then your game won't last as long as normal. But, the two player mode is very fun and you should try it out. Graphics: Galactic Attack features some really nicely rendered sprites. The environments, the ships, and especially the bosses all look amazing. You'll be amazed by the fact that there so much going happening on the screen, yet there is little to no slow down. Sound: I think that Galactic Attack has some great audio. The music is suitable and doesn't get too boring. Also, the the lasers and explosions sound well done with this being a Saturn game and all, but don't expect explosions to sound like they would on a GameCube or Xbox. Bottom Line: Galactic Attack is great for shooter fans, or for anyone just looking for a game to pass the time. Its also very challenging, I have yet to beat it, but then again I bought it when I was around 7 and don't play it as much as I did then, but if I did, I'm sure I would have beaten it by now. Still, its not a game to be taken lightly. I say, if you've come across this one and have a Saturn, don't just leave it there, pick it up!.