Gal Gunvolt Burst Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

    Obtain every other trophy Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.
    Earn a score of 1000 during the credits CREDIT WHERE CREDIT'S DUE
    Get a Burst Combo of 10+ & clear a stage ELATION
    Clear the game as Ekoro ELITE ANGEL
    Get a Burst Combo of 30+ & clear a stage EUPHORIA
    Clear a stage with an "S" rank FULL MARKS
    Clear a stage with 6000+ CP of equipment FULLY DECKED OUT
    Clear a stage with 2000+ CP of equipment GEARED UP
    Clear a stage with 4000+ CP of equipment GET EQUIPPED
    Beat all bosses using their weaknesses IN YOUR ELEMENT
    Beat the final stage in under 10 minutes NO TIME WASTED
    Clear a stage without taking any damage NOT EVEN A SCRATCH
    Clear the game as Gunvolt OVERSURGE
    Clear a stage without using any Bursts PARADOX
    Clear a stage with 1500+ CP of equipment PRIMED AND READY
    Clear all stages using Custom Slot No. 1 STICKING WITH IT
    Clear the game in under 1 hour SUPER SPRINTER
    Defeat all 8 of the Mighty Numbers THE MIGHTIEST OF ALL
    Get a Burst Combo of 50+ & clear a stage TRANCE
    Defeat a boss using Burst UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL
    Clear the game on Hard difficulty UP THE ANTE
    Clear the game as Beck WE ARE MIGHTY
    Clear the opening stage WELCOME TO THE VR WORLD

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold