G police is truly one of a Kind

User Rating: 10 | G-Police PS
This game is one the very best PS1 games of its era. To me it is incredibly hard to find a PS1 game that can match up to its enjoyment. This in some ways brought on the image of daunting sci-fi games and I recon it also help to bring on the hard core personality of some of the more recent shooter games. Also this game has shown the first of decent computer graphics as you would see in the short movie clips and if you disagree with that then be my guest and tell me a PS1 game which introduced decent graphic before 1997!!!! The game is pretty entertaining and doesn't go of the storyline, the weapons are fairly imaginative and the mission are varied some are easy some are really challenging, I myself like the bonus mission because they are fairly amusing.

This is basically what I think and I will not listen to insults....