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User Rating: 7.5 | G-NOME PC
1997 came and went, and so did G-NOME. It was a mech game, back when mechs where still where cool. It wasn't fast like quake, released the year before, but rather slow and methodical. This most likely turned off many players. The basic plot, is that you control a mech (which you actually can get out off), and tries to save the world. The is definitely best in multiplayer, even though the single-player missions are fun in their own right. But the best fun is to be had fighting your best friends.

The graphics are a definite downside to this game, which objects looked fine, to other that are completely pixilated. The audio is quite better, but not perfect, I did like the soundtrack, however. So, all-in-all, a game best suited for multiplayer, for people not turned off by the slow nature of the game.