G-NOME Cheats For PC

  1. Passcodes

    To bring up the cheat menu, press [Ctrl]-F at the main menu. The screen will prompt you for a cheat code.

    Effect Effect
    Chaste Coed Brings up the ending movie (however, the game will exit after it ends).
    Half Libel In game, press [Ctrl]-B to warp to the next waypoint.
    Rotted Drop In game, press [Ctrl]-F to destroy a HAWC/building/personnel instantly.
    Had A Nude On In game, press [Ctrl]-I for invincibilty (you need to re-press it every time you enter a new HAWC, buliding, etc).
    A Mere Fart In game, press [Ctrl]-K to remove the displays.
    Horny Elk Leer In game, press [Ctrl]-P to bring up all objects on radar.
    Oh No! Less Japan In game, press [Ctrl]-X to receive an Ion Strike.
    Brass Clue In game, press [Ctrl]-Z for extra ammunition.
    A Scramble On In game, press [Shift]-[Ctrl]-Right Mouse Button to take a screenshot.
    O'Sarge In the training missions, the instructor will have a strange accent.
    Mother Mourn Us On level 1-5 (Escape!), one of the hills will the game's developers faces on it.
    Dunk It Here Play a few funny outtakes.
    Range Goes Gory To level select.
    Redtop Trod Unlocks all missions in solo play.
    Swiss Throat View the developers.

    Contributed by: Dragonfly13, Mazza, Locke130, Dark Vortex 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by Locke130 30K
In-Depth FAQs Vehicle FAQ by Dark Vortex 36K