great game

User Rating: 8 | G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra WII
g.i.joe the rise of cobra is so much fun game. this game i bought and it was a cheap but it was having some terrible character's graphics but the graphics of other things in the game is good and it was having really good theme music while playing the game and its campaign was very long in hard and normal difficulty ,i take 3 months to beat the game. the best thing in this game is its desert levels.
its desert levels are very cool and they feel you like you are playing delta force black hawk down. the worst thing in this game is unlocking characters is terrible,
when you have unlocked a character and its not completely unlocked , you will you also have to buy them using g.i.joe points . i could not be able to buy all unlocked characters , i bought all of them except for 4 . 1 g.i.joe character and 3 cobra characters, i may thought that its impossible to unlock all characters.