With the G I Joe brand...EA could have done a way better job than this. Really they could have.

User Rating: 4 | G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra PSP
The best word to describe this G I Joe game is......CHEAP. A video game, based on a movie, based on a cartoon, based on a action figure toy series. Maybe you can say I had a sudden interest in G I Joe when I downloaded this game? Basically the games story picks up where the movie ends. The Baroness has escaped and from there you start the story. You start out using Starlet & Duke as your only two players, but as you progress through out the game more G I Joe characters become available. Its a shoot em up game, kinda like a 3D version of Contra. You never run out of bullets, you have special weapons & the suit that made them go into hyper mode, that they had in the movie. Presentation wise its a cross between the old cartoon & movie series. The presentation of this game is terrible!!! They just mailed it in and didn't even try. The graphics are not that good. What this game looks like exactly is those little cheap games you would buy on your iphone or droid for like a dollar. I paid 10 for this on PSN, but its a 5 dollar game, based on how it looks. There is no voice acting in the PSP version and also you cant read the dialog at your own pace. Following the story is difficult if you are trying to pay attention to the action and read the dialog at the same time. The dialog moves to the next part of the text in seconds not allowing you to pick when the next line comes in. One thing about this game is you HAVE to be some sort of G I Joe fan to really like this. Take the G I Joe branding away and the game is a cheap rip off of Contra. The sound of the game is really good. Well scored background music and really good sound effects from the weapons & the machines. If you are not a G I Joe fan....stay away from this cheap rip off, if you are a fan the only reason to play this is to see updated versions of characters from the cartoon that were not in the movie. Overall EA ripped people off & didn't have any passion making/milking this game. Shame on EA.