This title provided me with the most fun I've had playing a video game in quite a while. Yo Joe!!!

User Rating: 10 | G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra WII
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is a really good game for the Nintendo Wii! I'm sure you've seen all the bad press on it, as it's garnered bad reviews and very low scores from most gaming review establishments, but to me it's all completely unfounded. I think fans of video games in general will like this game well enough, doubly so if you are a fan of G.I. Joe. I am a big G.I. Joe fan so this game was a work art to me! In this case I urge you to experience the game for yourself and not be swayed by any misguided popular opinion.

Anyways, this game is a third person action game that sends you to four remote areas of the world for a series of missions. Basically the storyline of this game picks up right where the movie left off. The Joes are scrambling to find out more about this Cobra Commander character, and how exactly M.A.R.S. is linked to them. As I normally do with my reviews I will start off where it makes the most sense to, at the Main Menu. From this menu you have 5 choices. The first option is "Team Roster". This is where you go to unlock and view information on all the various playable G.I. Joe characters available to you in the game.

The second option is "Options". This is where you can adjust all the various gameplay options available to you like difficulty level (there are three of them in the game), music, sound effects, etc.

The next option is "Missions". This is where you go when you are ready to get in to the action. A map pulls up allowing you to scroll through the four regions you play through during the game, and all missions available for you to play will be plotted on said map for you to select.

Next is "Media". During the game, as you complete levels and advance through the game, you will unlock various concept art and movies. The Media option is where you go to view all of this content. The categories of content under this option include three different sections of concept art, one section of character art, and a section of movies (both game movies and old school G.I. Joe public service announcement movies).

The fifth and final option is "Date Files". Throughout the levels of the game you will stumble upon some hidden extras that you will pick up. These extras when you find them unlock the content under this option. The content available consists of Battle Files and Intel. There are four sections of Battle Files including Joe characters, Cobra characters, Vehicles, and Playsets. There is one section of Intel. The Battle Files give you information on the person, vehicle or place that they represent, and the Intel gives you secret information on various subjects that help you advance through the game.

As for the game itself, like I said there are four regions you must fight through to complete this game. The first region is the Arctic and it consists of five main missions plus a bonus mission. The second region is the Egyptian desert and it also consists of five main missions plus a bonus mission. The third region is the jungle, and here there are four main missions plus a bonus mission. The last region is the North Pole. In this region there are only two main missions plus a bonus mission. As for the missions themselves, most of them are of a really good length and if done properly (collecting all of the various extras and what not) usually take between 20-30 minutes a pop. Each mission is divided in to checkpoints (between 2-4 checkpoints, usually 3) where you can take a breather and your score to that point is saved and locked in. During each mission you will be in contact with many other Joes that will update you on your mission objectives. On top of completing each mission's objective(s), there are a few things you need to do. Throughout each mission extras will be scattered about. When you see a briefcase collect it and it will unlock you a nugget of information under the "Intel" section in the "Data Files" option (as explained above). Also, you will come across file cards scattered about the levels. Pick these up and you will unlock one of the "Battle Files" under the four various Battle File sections in the "Data Files" option (again, see above). Usually there is one Intel extra, and between 2-4 Battle File extra scattered around in any given level. The other extra you can come across in some of the levels is "Contacts". These probably only occur on average every other mission. Basically you rescue one of your Joe comrades during a mission or you come across some information telling you where he/she can be found and you unlock that character for purchase. Once you finish the mission go to the "Team Roster" option (again, see above) and this is where you can purchase the character you unlocked. To purchase a character you need badge points, and to earn badge points you need to score a lot of points during each level. You earn points every time you complete an objective or destroy an enemy. You will also find bundles of points scattered around the level that help add to your score. When you are performing well sometimes a point multiplier will be spit out by a defeated enemy. To get a good score you have to make good use of these multipliers to inflate your score as much as possible. Try to avoid dying though (duh!) because every time you die a percentage of your score is wiped out.

With regards to actually playing the game, the controls are superb on this game. They really made the best use possible of the Wii controller's setup. On the Wii controller you use the A button to dive/avoid, the B button to fire your main weapon (usually some various form of gun), the + button to activate your accelerator suit (when you've filled the meter and it becomes available), down on the control pad to use hand to hand combat (hold down to supercharge a punch and send your enemy airborne whereupon you can shoot his ass up), and left or right on the control pad to cycle through enemy targets. As for the nunchuk, you use the control stick to move your character around, and the C button to use your secondary weapon (you have to earn them or pick them up and can only store 3 at a time, usually this weapon is some sort of explosive device). The controls really do make sense right from the get go and make this game so much fun and very easy to play. The game can get pretty intense at times as you face a lot of Cobra troops plus a small array of Cobra vehicles as well.

Honestly, I can't really think of one thing wrong with this game . . . other than I want more of course! I don't know why people have been so disappointed with it. It's a pretty decent length, the controls are fluid and well thought out, there are no glitches with the camera function or anything like that, there is a ton of unlockable content and characters, and the game is just plain fun . . . I don't get it! Don't give me this bull about a sagging plot line or whatever. This isn't a movie, it's a freakin' video game! If you are a true fan of G.I. Joe and not one of these people who can't stand the modern updates they have given the franchise, then you will love this game. I had a ton of fun playing this game.