it has its fall backs but it grows on you and for me it was a simple and yet fun third person shooter

User Rating: 6 | G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra PSP
GOOD: always gunning for the next character- good of at least one playthrough

BAD: to put it simply, there just insnt very much here

g.i. joe got absolutely hammered by everyone who played it. the game was critisized, mocked and left broken on the side walk...
i was very much looking forward to the movie so i thought the game would be too though i still had my doubts.
i read the reviews and heard the worst things about it and started to have second thoughts. i ended up putting them aside and buying the game and alas, i was not completely dissapointed.
g.i. joe is basically run, cover, shoot, ka boom.... and then its over. the right shoulder button is shoot and the x button is cover. the sqaure button is to use melee attacks but its better to only use this when you have snake eyes or someone like that. you can also use your joes signature attack which varies from grenades, going beserk with a sword or dropping minature tanks which blast away enemies. these arent that exciting or great but they do help to get alot of enemies out of the way fast.
one of the main problems i had with the game was that the camera got in my way alot of the time especially when i was battling with a large tank or big robot which was annoying but automatic lock on sytem helped me to keep shooting the thing.
another thing that might bother some people is that g.i. joe lacks voice acting. there are subtitles but i soon gave up reading them. the subtitles however are very frustrating if you try to follow any form of plot or story because they go past as quickly as the person would talk and sometimes the just flick away before you can even see the first word.
the graphics arent too impressive either especially in cutscenes. theyre not too bad in the game engine but in cutscenes they are terrible. everything is boxy and the visuals are very blurry and confusing.
the game is also very easy and very short which didnt really bother me but for some, it may not be worth purchase, just a weekend rental.
g.i. joe has some pretty crazy firefights where swarms of enemies just surround you and you have to kill them all while trying not to get shot. guns pop out of the ground, robot spiders swarm down from the roof and armies of people stab, tackle and grab you so the gun fights are pretty intense though your health recharges quite quickly more if your taking cover or standing still.
its not really a smart idea to shoot people thought with people like snake eyes, whose primary weapon is a sword. while he still has a little pistol, it is not very powerful and enemies take a while to die which is kinda boring.
to add a bit of variety, you can use accelerator suits for a limited time once you have killed a number of people. they make you move faster and weild two powerful guns which take out things pretty quickly. in consideration of this compared to the movie, this feature and the whole game infact, could have been much much more appealing and fun which is a shame because the accelerator suits dont last long at all..
once you complete a level, all the points you collect are added up so you get a number of battle points which are used to buy more characters which find thoughout the missions. once the game is finished 3 more powerful (and expensive) cobra characters are available to buy so youll have to replay a number of missions to earn the sufficient battle points.
thankfully, i was always gunning for another character.
finally, g.i. joe is simple, and not for everyone but if you like relatively simple third person shooting games then g.i. joe the rise of cobra just might be for you.