Fuzzical Fighter Cheats For NES

  1. Debug Menu

    At the title screen, press and hold A & B on the 2nd controller and then press and hold A & Select on the 1st controller.

    Contributed by: ReyVGM 

  2. Change Colors

    While playing on Ship mode, press Up in controller 2 to pause the game and then press A, B, Up and Down on controller 1. If done right, a bunch of numbers will appear. Use these numbers to change the colors of the game.

    Contributed by: ReyVGM 

  3. Start with Extra Gold and Max HP/MP

    First enter the palette editor move (as described above in "Change Colors" by ReyVGM), and do so when your maximum HP is exactly 224. Your gold must also meet a certain condition based on how it is read in hexadecimal. Essentially, in hexadecimal, it must fit the format "XYXY" where the X digits and the Y digits are the same, but X does not equal Y. Examples of such money amounts include 257 (0101 in hexadecimal) and 1,285 (0505 in hexadecimal). (You can use most calculators to convert between decimal (what you normally see) and hexadecimal (base-16).)

    If both conditions are met, hold Down, then press Start to leave the palette editor. You will then have 7,777 gold, 240 HP, 240 MP, and 9 Fuzzy Points.

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  4. Free Magic

    During gameplay, select any magic and use it with the A Button on Player 1's controller while, at the same time, holding any button (except Up) on Player 2's controller. The magic will still be used, but no MP will be consumed.

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  5. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    8009 Level 2
    0720 Level 3
    9025 Level 4
    0127 Level 5
    7013 Level 6
    0926 Level 7
    3280 Level 8

    Contributed by: nirexine 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by merc for hire 30K