Fuzion Frenzy is a great game. It's new, fun, and original

User Rating: 8 | Fuzion Frenzy XBOX
I can't tell you how many hours my cousin and I spent playing this game, sometimes all through the night.. But onto the review.

It's a great game overall, the mini games are classic and well thought out, the tournament system is awesome. The characters are great also, even though they get annoying and tedious at times. But the best part of the game is the "Free Play" function, you don't have to wait two tournaments to play Sumo Ball or Blazing Tails, you have complete control of what you want to play. And lets not forget the use of all four controller ports! Even in the tournament, you can have four players, and you don't have those obnoxious lines in between the Tv, it's just one large screen big enough to fit all the players.. I think just about everyone who owned this game had their share of Fuzion Frenzy Overload, Even if it's just the player playing by himself. Overall, The game is Good, i gave it an 8.0 which is a B.