A slap in the face to any true fans of the original Fuzion Frenzy

User Rating: 3.5 | Fuzion Frenzy 2 X360
When you first put this game in, you might have high hopes that this will be evolved version of FF1(Fuzion Frenzy). Well simply put, this game is a big disappointment.

The main game mode is party mode, where you battle through 7 themed planets, which have mini-games based off the theme. All the original characters are back, but look a lot goofier. All the characters lack personality, and say one line if they win a mini-game, which is tough to hear. I guess I could live with that, but this game just suffers from too many other disasters.

Fuzion Frenzy 2 has a host of the game, like it was a TV show. Let me tell you that this guy is the most annoying character of any video game of all time. In between every mini-game, he'll talk and explain everything you already know. His lip-syncing is not even close to the words being said. The worst part is how this guy will keep talking throughout every mini-game, being very distracting. He has about 8 different lines, and repeats them constantly. "How are you feeling Player 2?" or "Was that a lot of damage, Player 1?". He never shuts up, It will annoy you, I guarantee it. You can mute this guy, but non the less I wonder what Hasbro was thinking. I mean did they ever play this game before it was released? There's no tolerating the host. It's almost worth it to buy the game just to hear how bad he is.

The main objective of the game is to win each world. In each world there are three mini-games, and one final event battle. If you win the mini-game you will get a power-up for the final battle at the end of each world. The three power-ups are strength, better defence, and extra life. They will all have a big impact on the final battle, almost too big of an impact. But the final battle is worth as many points as a normal mini-game, which is worse than the orb betting system used in the first game.

The game uses a card system which doesn't work at all. Before each mini-game you will have the choice to use a card. There are six cards, X2, X4, X6, a division card, a mini-game choice card, and a steal card. All of these cards screw up the mini-game results. Let's say player 1 comes first and player 2 comes last. Player 1 would get 10 points and Player 2 would get 2 points, but if Player 2 used a X6 card he would get 12 points which would beat Player 1 therefore, Player 2 would receive the power-up for that mini-game because he received the most points. That is just one example why the card example fails.

Another example would be if Player 1 came first and Player 2 came last. If player 1 used a X6 and player 2 used a division card, player 1 would have his 10 points divided by 6 which leaves Player 1 with 1 point which is less than the last place finisher. Overall, the card system just blows the game wide open.

The mini-games are off and on. They did bring back the classics like Sumo, Tail Blazer, and others. But for the most part, these mini-games are all button-mashing and no skill. Only about 1/3 of the mini-games are worth playing in mini-game mode alone. There's really no new mini-game that sticks out, or is any different from the others. Overall, the mini-games are pretty disappointing.

In conclusion, I feel like this game took more steps back then forwards. But I have to give a little credit to Fuzion Frenzy, because it is in the small population of games that are meant for 4 players on the same console. It introduces an online mode, but that's not enough for me to oversee all the flaws. Overall this game is a disgrace, but a party game non the less. As a FF1 fan I feel ripped off, and this game should remain avoided.