Fun when You have friends along.

User Rating: 7 | Fuzion Frenzy 2 X360
This game while its no Mario Party does have it's high points. Its a good game to play when you have friends over. The un-lockable mini games and on line tournaments make this games replay value worth the cost. Although the announcer can get quite annoying at times, looking past that the game is pretty solid.The easier difficulties leave this game way to easy to eat while the higher ones give the game just enough competition to make the game challenging. The graphics are decent for a earlier game put out by the 360. The music leaves something to be desired as well. The mini games vary from something believable to the simply unimaginable. There are different planets which contain different terrain based games. You can also set the number of planets required to win the main tournament. The mini game frenzy mode allows you to pick which games you want to play if you have favorites. Altogether this game is a solid party game that grows on you over time.