A mediocre game that falls flat on all my expectations.

User Rating: 3 | Fuzion Frenzy 2 X360
The first Fuzion Frenzy was a fun party game that never got old. This game doesn't even come close. We arrive at Fuzion Frenzy 2's first problem: the developers spent way too much making the game a space television game show rather than making the actual mini-games (FF1's focus) fun. Its main problem is the presentation and character models. As many others have said, the announcer ticked me off in the first hour saying, "I've never seen a battle this crazy before" every match. The characters look idiotic. Every time Geena wins a tournament, she will attempt to act very excited and surprised, with her always open big mouth. During the mini-games the characters make very weird noises. The developers took all the characters models from the first game and tried to make them over the top. They all look horrible. Every mini-game is simple button mashing, especially a game where you run on a treadmill by rapidly pushing a button. The addition of cards in a tournament is unecessary and makes the game more about luck than skill, since others can use big multipliers, and you're left in 4th place after you did the best. I never got to playing online, considering it was too painful for me to play that long.

I could not find any good (or for that matter decent) parts of FF2, and this is probably the #1 worst sequel I've ever played.