Fuzion Frenzy lacks charismatic characters, which is much bigger a deal than you'd think at first.

User Rating: 4 | Fuzion Frenzy 2 X360
First of all, I'd like to get this out of my chest: The fact that one third of the achievements are Xbox Live-related is a big turn off for this game, for it is VERY difficult to join an online match. I don't know how it went when the game was brand-new, but nowadays it is almost impossible to find someone to play with. If you try, I hope you'll have better luck than me, because I couldn't find ONE online game and am pretty much stuck with only two thirds of the achievements complete.

Ok, now for what was supposed to be the first paragraph.

Fuzion (sic) Frenzy is a party game, so you get what you expect: tons of pick-up-and-play mini-games (43, to be exact), previous generation graphics, animation and sound. But Fuzion Frenzy lacks one thing that other party games like Mario Party have: charismatic characters. This may sound like not a big deal at first, but it doesn't matter whether you're partying with hardcore or casual gamers, it is a lot more fun to see Mario and Luigi hitting each other with a hammer than Samson and Geena. Maybe the Xbox would be better off if there was a party game with something like cartooney versions of their most prominent symbols (what are they, anyway?). The mini-games themselves are fun and well-designed for a party, but even if you're planning on using this game for this purpose, you're probably not gonna play this for more than 5 hours. The fact that you can find used copies of this game for as little as US$ 10,00 shows how unpopular this game is. I'd be the last person to say you should follow the masses, but this gives a good idea of how much this title is worth compared to other games around.