Fury 3 Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Codes

    JUMPNIT - Skips to the next level - Unknown
    TRYMEON - Invincibility - Unknown but discovered it before looking at the web
    TRYMEONOFF - Invincibility off - My dad
    PACKIN# - Gets more ammo of whatever weapon number you type in after - Unknown
    TURBO - Extra Turbo - Unknown
    GIVITUP - All weapons - Unknown

    Contributed by: mighty mosquito 

  2. How to skip to the next planet

    WORMIT# (Skips to the next planet)
    1= Terran
    2= L24-D
    3= Ares
    4= New Kroy
    5= Sebek
    6= Vestra
    7= Tiamat
    8= Fury

    Contributed by: ND9k 

  3. Turbo Fury

    To get super-super-super fast turbo, or Turbo Fury, during gameplay, type:
    This will enable the cheat.

    Contributed by: emh465 

  4. Extra Turbo

    Enter this code while playing in a level.

    Effect Effect
    ssmokin Extra Turbo

    Contributed by: emh465