Get it. Get it now and choose your own space on a ship. Awesome.

User Rating: 10 | FTL: Faster Than Light PC
This game is a superb example of a hand-crafted masterpiece. Those that say it's too difficult may not be taking into account that the multiple permadeaths are an integral part of the game. You learn and come back with a full career(albeit short lived) under your belt. If you choose, you can even take the time to name each of your crew and your ship at the beginning.Minor, I know but It can becomes that much more personal if you want. Lose one of them in combat to low oxygen or alien boarders and it hurts.
This game is fun and sometimes unpredictably tense.

I've not had many encounters that I went into not knowing there was a possibility for extreme loss. This game WOULD NOT work at all if it had free saving as you would just reload right before you made a grave mistake.

FTL is a great game and any respectable PC gamer should purchase it right now!

You can thank me later...