Just an great and addictive game. Another indie masterpiece

User Rating: 9.5 | FTL: Faster Than Light PC
This game has most of the things i like about a game:

* Replay value
* Buy/Sell and upgrade system
* Good gameplay
* Fair price
* Addictive as hell

I got no other words to describe it.

The game itself:

You must manage a space ship and the crew members. You start with o total of 3 crew members. You can select a ship, but in the beginning you have only 1. You must go jump from star to star to get recourses and make it to the exit. on each star there are different things to do (random generated). Most of the time it is helping people or kill an enemy ship.

In a fight you must power up your weapons before you can use them. Different ships have other weapons and specializations. You can upgrade your ship buy using scrap. there are all sorts of upgrades like power, shield, weapon, engine etc.

This game is worth checking out. I can't stop playing it.