Not worth the $8

User Rating: 1 | FTL: Faster Than Light PC
I have only played this game a few hours, but it is really dull and uninteresting. Game play is tired and repetitive. The same things happen again, and again, and again. Graphics are terrible. It looks like something written in 16 color EGA back in the 1980's (yes it is that bad). There is nothing to recommend this game. Not even worth $5. This game is so boring it will put you to sleep. Minimal strategy (and I'm being kind). You just do the same thing each time and pretty much get one of 3 results. There are no real options to change the video. Your choices are windowed, stretched full screen, and black bars full screen. All are awful. I wish I could have read some honest reviews before buying. All the reviews I came across (and there were only a few) said it was a great game with a lot of strategy. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Avoid at all costs.