FTL - Review

User Rating: 5 | FTL: Faster Than Light PC

FTl - Faster than light is a 2D Pixel game with rogue light element the game slipelist pixel art is really good to look at the animations is ok i guess the graphic is not the game's strong suit but the gameplay is FTL lets your control 3 people in the begging to escape in a ship for the rebellion you mission you must reach the end of every galaxy to survive and reach the federation fleet under the time you explore one galaxy you go around and find nearest exit . the combat is fast so i pausing using the space bar highly recommend because f you don't you might get killed in seconds you need plan out your attacks. most weapons in the game are attachments you can add any types weapon but you need power that will cost more every time you buy one .This game is really hard at most time and escapes many playthroughs form you the more longer you survive more ships you unlock and many version of same ship that you can play as . The music is Pretty good not perfect most of music is only for the battles the moments when you repair ship from damages there is no music and they let the dark void sink in . but it's not the worth price point behind all that there isn't that many things that can make you stay the only thing you do is the same thing Escape the rebellion and repeat until you manage to reach the Federation fleet .

It's not worth the price it's too expensive for a short indie pixel game