Addicting game, great price

User Rating: 9 | FTL: Faster Than Light PC

I bought this game when it was on sale for 2.50 on Steam. At first glance the game has pretty terrible graphics (think Super Nintendo) and I was a bit skeptical. The beauty of this game is the fact that its very easy to pick up, its difficult to master and there are many different ways to play.

Easy to pick up - There is a quick tutorial available that gives you the basics. Your the captain of a ship, you travel from location to location on a map. Each location will have a random action that will cause you to make a decision. The goal of the game is to get to the last map and fight the final boss. In less than an hour I felt fairly comfortable with the game mechanics. A complete game from start to finish only lasts about an hour or two.

Difficult to Master - On normal difficulty the game is challenging enough where you won't beat it immediately. There are lots of strategies to consider depending on the situation you are in as the ship's captain that I picked up as I became more experienced with the game

Different ways to play - The ship offers a variety of ways to win and strategies to pursue. You can have a straight up weapons attack, you can have crew members that board other ships, others might utilize drones to attack the other ships. Either way you play its up to you, and allows for almost unlimited combinations. The map is generated randomly for each game which also allows for variety.

The only issue I saw with this game is it involves a certain amount of luck to complete. Since the maps are random as well as your encounters, I found it even once I mastered most of the strategy around the game, I needed the right weapons and ship parts to have a ship that could beat the final boss. Sometimes I would get a string of bad luck and simply not have what was needed to finish. This was not too discouraging however since each run of the game only lasts an hour or two.

I don't think you can get a better value for the price, overall great game.