Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 Cheats For Xbox One

  1. Achievements

    Get all bonuses at least once in Arcade All Bonused Out
    Earn a cumulative score of over 650 with your friends in a single Party game All for one and one for all!
    Slice a Jumbo Starfruit Big Money
    Get hit by all shurikens in a single Katsuro's Ninja Dodge Bring on the Pain
    Go back to zero strikes after receiving two Clean Slate
    Hit 3 bombs and get a total score over 250 in Arcade Comeback
    Equip the Fiery shadow and the Fire blade at the same time Dragon's Breath
    Throw 15 daggers in under 5 seconds in Han's Apple Range Easy There, Tiger
    Slice the (not so secret anymore) secret fruit Feels like the lottery
    Reach Ninja belt level 10 Fruit Adept
    Reach Ninja belt level 30 Fruit Ninja
    Slice 6 different fruits in one combo Fruit Salad
    Reach Ninja belt level 20 Fruitarian
    Reach 50 slices on the Golden Pomegranate Golden Skills
    Slice 60 seeds in a single game of Nobu's Bamboo Strike Green Thumb
    Slice all propellers in a single game of Katsuro's Ninja Dodge I Don't Give a Flying Fruit
    Stay at least 5 consecutive seconds in a spotlight in Mari's Strawberry Stealth In the Spotlight
    Slice 10,000 fruits Juicinator
    Do all the Ninja Poses in Party Just like a mirror
    Slice 10 fruits inside spotlights without losing points in a game of Mari's Strawberry Stealth Lightning Fast
    Let 20 seeds fall back to back in Nobu's Bamboo Strike Nature Lover
    Get 3 powerups at once in ARCADE. Overpowered, much?
    Slice 5,000 fruit. Pulpverizer
    Perform a 4-fruit combo with Mini-Fruit Surgeon
    Hit every target in a game of Han's Apple Range Target Practice
    Have a friend jump in a Quickplay or Festival game The more, the merrier
    Play 5 consecutive games in Party There ain't no party like a Ninja party
    Unlock all four Festival modes Welcome to the Festival!
    Perform 4 combos within a single Freeze powerup What happened?
    Don't miss a single fruit during a Zen game Zensei

    Contributed by: Guard Master