Frontier Gate coming to NA!

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Good morning, my fellow gamers! In January of this year I had the great opportunity of playing the Japanese release of this game. I had a good friend from my town who speaks fluent Japanese to interperate for me. Sadly I did not get very far into this amazing game, maybe two hours. Without spoiling anything, I will just say that the look and feel of Frontier Gate is loosely that of Phantasy Star Universe crossed with your standard "Tales" title. That being said I was greatly impressed with the features this game had to offer and how well polished everything is. Now for the best part! I heard talk about Konami releasing it for sure in North America!... There is no specific date of course, but when it does come here it may only be purchaced directly from the PSN (since they have discontinued the UMD's in most stores). Furthermore! A few other Japanese games may still be released in North America via PSN. I am looking forward to myself and the rest of you to enjoy this game in English! Message me or track this post if anyone wants to be updated. I'm just a normal gal who knows a few people. Yours truely. - Lolapop