GREAT game!

User Rating: 10 | Front Mission SNES
I never know that first game from "Front Mission" series is on the SNES! I just never thinking of it!

I was installed emulator of SNES (Super GNES, if interesting. This emulator not free! In free version you cannot load your saved games) to my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Wonder, if interesting)! And while I was searching for some games in Internet for this simulator, I find Front Mission! This is very cool game! Really! Before I was playing Front Mission 3 on PlayStation! And I need to say, that first Front Mission is not so bad. Pretty nice graphic and control.

One of the problem is that my version of game is on Chinese language. So I can not understand about what are speaking characters. But all of the menu buttons are on English. So it is not so bad!

You should to play it too! ;))) This is very good old-school game! And if you like tactic games like Final Fantasy tactics, you will like Front Mission too!