Classic Mech Turn-Based Strategy.

User Rating: 8.5 | Front Mission SNES
If it is at all possible to find a translated version of this great game DO SO. A classic turn-based strategy game for the SNES, Front Mission focuses on customizing a large group of mechs to do battle in a variety of multi-tiered levels, similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. While the story is fairly unoriginal for the majority of the game, the questions that are raised regarding the value of human life, and how human beings and machines may be combined, are undeniably moving. However, the best part of Front Mission is the extreme customization of your squadron, everything from weapons to body parts, colors, names, and everything in between can be tweaked to the player's preference. This one is definitely worth a look for the nostalgic SNES gamer. I list Front Mission as the hidden gem of the Super Nintendo.