Even if you don't understand Japanese, it still a game worthy of being picked up.

User Rating: 8.2 | Front Mission SNES
The only reason I picked this up was because it was sporting a Squaresoft, and I had enjoyed plenty of their RPGs. This however is not a RPG, but a turn-based strategy game, which is good because it is in Japanese and I don't understand Japanese, and there's not that much story in it. There are a lot of cut-scenes, but you don't need to understand those in order to play. The great part of this game is that all (almost) the menus are in English, so its not that hard find around in it.

This game is all about mech customization, and then battle those mechs against other mechs. It is very important to keep all your mechs alive, because if you loose one, you'll have to build a new one from scratch, which costs a lot. This is by far the best part of the game, to make your mech, where you can customize things like legs, arms, body, weapons and more. It is also important to make the right mech for the right situation, so if you make a mech all short-range, it will be completely worthless against long-range mechs and vice versa.

The graphics are quite good, especially your mech look beautiful, and so does the battlefield. It's also cool to watch two mechs battle it out. The animation is good, and cool to see your mech loose a body-part. The music is passable, but nothing riveting, the sound effects however are great. So all in all a fun game for turn-based strategy.