Front Mission Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. The Ziege Gun

    In Mission 15,move to the top left-most corner of the map. You will find a weapon called the ''Ziege Gun'', which can either be sold for 15000 Huffmann Dollars,or equipped. It has 1x99 damage,and gives 700 exp. on a miss.

    Contributed by: adamjames34 

  2. Codes

    Effect Effect
    Highlight 'New Game', hold L+R, press A+Up. Arena Town
    Go to the Status Window in town, hold L+R+Down, press Start to select new face, hold X+Y as well, press B, release all buttons. Change Roid's face
    Highlight 'Load Game', hold L+R, press A+Down. Sound Test

    Contributed by: adamjames34, cjs28 

  3. Special Matchup Passwords

    #GPセY0ネネ9ス%387コFキJ9サスGQオ5ケアZCESrホヒヨZアツケXPミFJ Chairman Sakata
    Tnタセ87カQeS#コモヒラDZスノキ9WテKJPエBAYミセnヨKFモヒiサケaノi Driscoll
    7FンBZミi%ンンカ38サeSエツPネトriLスモeQンエSrJnミZア%キXPGヒi Driscoll (Special Wanzer)
    0コモツハrサセスJSLCオAネREノ0Xテタ7テLサnサKiヨGD9KDaンヘヘツコJ Grieg
    JJケDenヨハDGBVヘミカキヘ06RスGFEスY3アVB%ホコルeモ9RF4AWDV Kirkland
    aaオトnネ%ホmヒBXCエn5n0コRサコトホZラノXランWYコeGX Olson

    Contributed by: SBAllen 

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Front Mission Cheats For DS

  1. Unlockables for Beating the Game

    You must save your game at the end of the game's credits for it to count as a completion. Unless specified otherwise, it doesn't matter which story you clear to unlock these features. Next New Game allows you to start a new game with all experience, skills, parts, and money from your preivous game. The difficulties multiply enemy HP by the stated amounts.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the OCU story for the first time Buren Wanzer for the OCU story
    Beat the game once Next New Game
    Beat the game once Sound Test
    Beat the USN story for the first time TCK Assault Wanzer for the USN story
    Beat the game twice x0.5 (overrides x0.8) and x1.5 difficulties
    Beat the game once x0.8 and x1.2 difficulties
    Beat the game five times x10.0 difficulty
    Beat the game three times x2.0 difficulty
    Beat the game four times x5.0 difficulty

    Contributed by: WalterFeng 

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