"You parked your wanzer where?"

User Rating: 10 | Front Mission 3 PS
This game I have had for quite some time and I still play it from time to time. As most other's have done a detailed review on this, mine will be shorter.

The basic premise of the game is you drive around in big mechs called wanzers which is german short hand for walking panzers. The game is turned based with heavy emphasise on tactics and strategy on how to take down the other mechs as you may find yourself in some stages severly outnumbered.

There are countless ways to outfit your mechs, each can be swapped and changed out with different weapons, legs, arms, body and host of other features.

Even though the game is dated in regards to its graphic display, it is still a solid game throughout, and as always square puts in some wonderful FMV's, however they are few and far between.

The sound is solid with some great stuff in regards to missle fire, sniper shots and the like.

For those hanging out for front mission evolved get this if you can on ebay and see what its all about.