They need to bring back this game!(evolved doesnt count!)

User Rating: 8 | Front Mission 3 PS
I saw this game at the PSN store online on my PS3 for $6 and bought it instantly. I've beaten a few FM titles before but never played this one.

For those who are new to the series, FM is like a really sweetass boardgame. Turnbased strategy while levelling up your pilots and upgrading your mechs(or Wanzers) to prepare for battle.

Graphics are definitely showing there age but there is still a good amount of detail. Landscape is pretty bland and tends to recycle a lot of enemies, objects and materials thruout the game.

The amount of text reading during cutscenes is VERY long. At times i'd find myself just mashing start to blow thru most of it cause if i didn't it's really freaking long.

Also the internet is boring as S%^T. I'm sure it was cool back when this game was released in 2000. But now its teadious and boring.

Load times are pretty long for what it is. But im guessing like all other PS ports on PS3/PSP this was how it originally was back for PS.

For newcomers to this series I wouldn't recommend it. Front mission for the Nintendo DS was a better game I'd start there.