Though it can be a bit repetitive, FM3 is a polished and fun adventure. It's a PSOne download for PSP - get it!

User Rating: 7.5 | Front Mission 3 PS
Having been disappointed with FM:Evolved on the PS3, I decided to go backwards and try FM3 for the PSOne: It plays great on the PSP!

FM3 gave me what I was wanting in Evolved: solid, story- and character-driven turn-based strategy RPG funness.

The good:
+ Each battle requires strategy -- there are very few situations where mashing ahead and gunning blindly will work.
+ Decent storyline filled with characters. While none of it is necessarily unique, it's engaging.
+ Nice visuals for a PS1 title
+ Fairly sophisticated weapon and mech skill/stat system, making level ups and outfitting of your mechs very strategic.

The not-so-good:
- Not a lot of variety in visuals for combat -- it'll be a smattering of very familiar landscape tiles, you'll fight the same mechs over and over, so it can feel a little stale
- Camera is sometimes very hard to maneuver to see the field of battle clearly when positioning your troops

Overall, for SJRPG fans, it's well worth your time.