This is a highly addictive and great game from begining to end. All I can say is that the laser arm pwns boogitty boo bo

User Rating: 9.5 | Front Mission 3 PS
Great story, great pace, and frickin robots duking it out. I love the fact that you can just blow arms off with either a shotgun or like a super double iron knuckle punch, BOOYA! The graphics are pretty sweet for the PS too which is good cause otherwise everthing would blend in with eachother taking away from the great battlefield look. They should make a Xenogears game like this. *drools* My only compaint is in the story. Not that it wasnt good, it was that it was a wee bit too complex. At some points I knew exactly what was going on but at other times I was alittle clueless. And dont get me wrong it wasnt Metal Gear 2 complexed (Snake? Snake?......Sssnnnaaakkkeeeee.......) but they could have toned it down a bit. This would be a great port to the psp or DS and multi-playa fighting is a must too!