Greatest RPG Ever made for PS1!!!!!

User Rating: 9.3 | Front Mission 3 PS
Last Year I was at home in my apartment when my dad was doing laundry and came across this game. It turned out to be Front Mission 3. He says do you have this one, so I said no but what the heck, I've got nothing to lose I might as well play it. I probably started it the first week of August, I didn't stop playing until October!!!. FM3 is the greatest RPG Stragety game I have ever played and further the best one on the PS1. The graphics on the game (by todays standards) look like crap, but if it was 1999 now I say they were preety damn good. The sound is excellent the music soundtrack is especially good in battle modes because it gets you hooked into the game and your always anticipating what's going to happen next. This game is extremely long and I haven't been able to finish it yet but that's ok because the story line is just awesome. The in game "internet" thing is interesting too but if you don't like reading I'd advise you don't waste your time on it. The downside to this game is that there's no talking just words from your characters but you still can follow along great and it doesn't affect the story at all. FM3 is the greatest RPG on the PS1 and not for FM4, it would be the greatest of all time.