A game that has stayed in my memory for a long time.Very satisfying.

User Rating: 9 | Front Mission 3 PS
I picked up this game as a rental not knowing anything about it and quickly got hooked in the gameplay and story.I eventually bought it and played it thoroughly.
Not being used to turn based stategy games,it took a little while to get the hang of the gameplay.I really enjoyed the complexity abd depth of choosing loadouts,mechs etc.
Although it has been over ten years since I first played Front Mission 3,it has remained strong in my memory andprobably my favourite game on the PS1.
I am really looking forward to the upcoming Front Mission Evolved being released soon and am curious to see how the Front Mission universe will be through a third person perspective.
I think I am going to have to dust off the old Playstations and revisit Front Mission 3 as well as try to get my hands on some of the other titles,as Front Mission 3 is the only one I have played so far.