Like Final Fantasy Tactics on ps1, then this game is worth a look!

User Rating: 9 | Front Mission 3 PS
As I stated earlier, if you enjoyed Final Fantasy Tactics on the ps1, then this game is worth checking out. The gameplay is as solid as FFT and the story is pretty decent too not to mention the graphics.

This game is one of the few rpg games or srpg games to be exact that involves mecha. If you like those Gundam animes, chances are you will like this game too. The story will pull you in, it's pretty good and you get to experience the story in two views depending on which of the two characters you gonna pick. Thats twice the fun.

Also the level of customization is pretty great it. You get to customize your mechs and by parts for them. On the battle mechanics part, whats cool also is you get to pick which parts to hit the enemy and you can also capture there mechs or wanzers (prounce as vanzers) in the game.

This is one of my favorite game on the ps1 and is worth checking out if your an rpg fan. One of the many games that made the ps1 a classic!