A game that takes boredom to a whole new level

User Rating: 4 | From Dust PC
This game had the potential to be a great game, but sadly it falls way short. If you have played the great Black & White games of the past then you will understand why this game just does not cut it. The missions can be very tricky and the graphics are real good. But the mouse control let's it down, And the character A.I is lame because the villagers end up getting themselves trapped far too often for my liking. And the deeper you travel in the game the worse it gets. But there are some plus points to the game like cool things like freezing water and putting out fires and so on. But eventually you get bored doing the same thing time after time. Then there is the issue of having to have an active internet connection to play the game, why they have done that is beyond me. I mean when you are just playing the game as a single player why do you need the internet to be connected, once again we are being dictated to as to how and when we can play their games. But that is my own opinion