Worst PC game ever!

User Rating: 3 | From Dust PC
I was very excited about this game and really thought it was going to be as good as it looked.
However, after receiving it and playing it, the opposite proved to be true.
For a game that's been in development for such a long time, it is pretty awful.

The PC port is the worst I have ever seen.
Menu options and just the general user experience feels very amateur and it is very clear that this was a sloppy console port.

The UI looks miserable with elements finished poorly. The feel you get can't be described as anything other than sloppy.
The gameplay is outright frustrating and boring after the initial novelty wears off.
It is also pretty much broken. There is no way for example to complete some levels once things get even a bit out of hand.

There are loading screens in between levels - or more accurately "a" loading screen. It never changes and it is poorly animated without any creativity.
At the end of the loading screen, 3 little men pop out of the same hole with the exact same movements.

This game reminds me of a ultra-low budget TV program.

BAD BAD BAD! I ended up getting a refund.