From Dust is out and about, but is it what we thought it would be?

User Rating: 5.5 | From Dust X360
By first glance it would seem as if From Dust puts you in the position of god, having an ability to shape the land as you see fit - but does it really?

A small spoiler: You aren't actually god. The firs thing that happens in the game is your creation, which is to say, a bunch of tribesmen playing some music. You take on the role of "The Breath" which has the ability to pick up matter in the form of water, lava and soil. With this power, you must guide your tribesmen from one island to the next, whilst overcoming obstacles such as Tsunamis, erupting volcanoes and fire trees.

The wonderful thing about From Dust is how you quickly realise that if you alter something, like changing the flow of a river, you might achieve your goal - but with a price, such as having your people drown or getting in the way of another needed path. Unfortunately, I would also have to say that that is the only wonderful thing about From Dust.

The game is fairly easy. It has a storyline which is all but engaging and way too short. The entire main game actually just feels like one long tutorial, which in time will get tiring. Each of the way too few islands (levels) there are, are way too small and very short lived.

You don't get to alter the islands too much, given the limited amount of matter at your disposal and the locked camera angles, doesn't help. Rather, it makes the game awkward, as you can never quite view it from a comfortable perspective, that allows you to enjoy your work.

Luckily there is more than just a story mode. As you make your way through the story, challenge maps will be unlocked - these are often short and have next to only one solution, like on where a huge flow of water threatens to crush your villages (which is basically just a totem and four tents.) In this scenario, you have few second to figure out what you wanna do and then do it, before you are crushed.

There are more tools than just picking up matter. Apart from the redundant, timed abilities that some of the village totems provide you with (such as jellify water,) there are some movable trees with unique abilities. There is the unreliable Water tree, which releases water either when it is filled, or when fire is nearby. There is also a fire tree, which does the same thing, but with fire instead - their only use is drying out rivers - apart from that, they merely threaten to burn your villages down to the ground.

Lastly there is an explosive tree, which you can ignite using a fire tree. That will make it explode and create a crater, or blow up a wall.

When it comes to the use of such "tools," the game practically holds your hand the entire way through, telling you how, when and where to use them.

From Dust is a bit disappointing and doesn't really seem as great as it does in the trailers.