Interesting concept, mixed with some frantic gameplay. From dust is here to settle your minor god complex.

User Rating: 9 | From Dust X360
From Dust so far has been a love hate relationship, I love the game, my villagers probably hate my inability to keep them alive at most points during the game. Visually this is a great looking game, especially for an arcade title. The amount of gameplay included for the 1200 microsoft points is acceptable, I would have wanted to see a little bit more. The sounds are not overly pronounced, as so is the music, but they are both executed nicely. The core gameplay mechanics are sound, and work well for the most part, they can be a little cumbersome for some of the more minute tasks such as making walls with lava near vegatation, which almost always ends in a fire, and very upset villagers. The challenge modes are definitely trial and error, but feel very rewarding, there are however a few glitched challenges involving putting out fires, the levels end as soon as they start, this maybe an isolated issue but it's happened a few times, hopefully there is an update for this soon. All in all, if you are looking for something to take up a few days From Dust is a good addition to your collection.