Frogger: Another ported game that phails.

User Rating: 5.7 | Frogger X360
:Good Idea:
·Bringing the classic series back, this time with online play, is a terrific idea and something I'm totally for.
·Online play is pretty neat.

:Bad Idea:
·Not just a few, but tons of glitches, including collision detection and graphics. Sometimes, you'll randomly see your little frog riding a wave.. try to move at all and he ends up drowning.
·Even for $4, it's pricey. You won't leave the game going "Man, that was money well spent.".
·Game will leave you wanting more. There should have been a combination of more levels and less glitches.

·Well, whenever Microsoft gets the hint that $4 for an emulated game is too much, I probably won't complain as much but for now, it's just too much for an old game. $4 should buy you at least 2 games. Frogger isn't the worst Arcade game, but it's up there with all the glitches (mainly the collision detection).