One of the cutest gaming characters in history is ruined!

User Rating: 1 | Frogger: The Great Quest PS2

My 131st review after Diddy Kong Racing.

Frogger is a game series about a cute frog crossing the road and dodging cars, but his 3D platforming game sucks thanks to the god-awful camera and control problems. If Konami went back in the time they made this game and fixed the camera and control problems, this would've been a great game. Super Mario Sunshine looked better than this game did. Anyway, this game is about Frogger and his father chatting in the night and he begins his quest with a princess helping him. This game is definitely gonna get an F--! Here the results:

Voice-acting 1/10: His voice is so ominous because he talks a lot every time he gets hurt and he never shuts up!

Game-play 1/10: The game-play is stale. Just stale! And oh yeah, what about the level design? It sucks!

Graphics 2/10: The graphics are just plain terrible, it'll make you want to vomit!

Controls 1/10: The controls are complete rubbish! Camera is totally sluggish. It is just a pain in the @$$ because it gets in the way!

Sound/Music 2/10: The music is awful! Just bland!

Lasting Appeal 1/10: This is the game that made Frogger went downhill.

Overall, Frogger: The Great Quest is a disgrace to a frog's legacy!

The Good:

-At least later Frogger games look better

-You know what the BEST part about this game is? The cross-out truck on Frogger's shirt

The Bad:

-Rubbish controls

-Sluggish camera

-Generic level design

-Ominous voice-acting which never shuts up

-Stale game-play

-Terrible graphics

-Awful music

Like I said before, if Konami fixed the camera and control problems, then this would've been a great game because Super Mario Sunshine looked better. Anyone who wants a better Frogger game should play the first 2 on the PS1. That's it! That's the end of my review! Good night everyone!

Frogger: The Great Quest gets a 1 out of 10!