Terrible game, don't buy!

User Rating: 1 | Frogger: The Great Quest PS2
Ok people, before we even start here, I just want you to know that this game is horrible. But that's a massive understatement. I couldn't think of another appropriate word to use, so we'll just use horrible. Here's my experience:

ONE day I went to gamestop and I saw Frogger: the Great quest, and I thought, it has the word "great" in it, so it must be worth the $10.99 or so, so I asked the employee's opinion, and he said, "yeah it's a good game" and I got my hopes up, just to get them smashed when I got home. I put the "great" game into my ps2 and turned it on, and then the horror began. I watched the opening "cenematic" where frogger and this other fat frog are sitting at the lake talking about how mosquitoes are terrorizing everyone. Ooooook? Then for some reason, frogger is looking for a princess. Asking everyone in town if they know where to find a princess. You start out in a tutorial with some random fairy frog blabbing about stuff you already know in a dumb voice that, after a few minutes, makes you want to throw the controller through the tv, even though it isn't the controller's fault. The controls are decent, but unresponsive sometimes. The graphics look surprisingly like Rayman 2 for the nintendo 64. The voice acting is bad, but not as bad as house of the dead. Another thing is that this game is an aweful platformer, not the classic, 'hop across the road without getting flattened by a truck' gameplay. I DO NOT recommend this game even for the biggest Frogger fan.
That was all in the 10 minutes I played it, and then I thought, I'm wasting my time!! Then We traded it the next morning, because I just didn't want to play it anymore....EVER.

I really didn't think it was possible to make a platformer that bad. BUY A MARIO OR A SONIC GAME IF YOU WANT A PLATFORM-GAME, Not this pile of *SENTENCE REMOVED*

I did learn something from this, just because something has the word "great" in it, doesn't mean it's great.

Anyway, Frogger: The Great Quest - 2/10