The WORST game in the world. This totally drew me away from platformers.

User Rating: 1 | Frogger: The Great Quest PS2
Holy crap. This game is disastrous. It it SO bad you would not believe. The camera angles are SO bad. The story is too dumb. The gameplay is retarded. If it wasn't for Gamespot and their rating system, then I would give this game a negative 10 out of ten. It's just so bad. Frogger is so annoying! Especially his voice! OMGosh! The other characters are unbelievably stupid. The voice acting is done horribly. The graphics are bad. And you get stuck because of the camera views and you have to restart. Thank goodness I sold my copy for more money back then than what it's worth now. Actually, I would have given this game away for free. This game just aggravates me so much. I think this game is just pointless. It just scarred my life forever. Please, DO NOT get this game. Even if it's like 4 bucks. Even if it's FREE do NOT get this game. It is the absolute worst game in the world. Konami, just stick to the frog running and dodging cars on the road please.