Frogger Returns is a retro-gaming throwback and the easiest 3 gold trophies one can get.

User Rating: 7.5 | Frogger Returns PS3
Over the years I've only read about and seen screens of the many Frogger updates that have been released but this is the only one that I have actually played. Besides a cosmetic update to the game's visuals, Frogger Returns doesn't change much of the source content's core gameplay.

The main difference is that player's aren't just guiding Frogger across just a street and river anymore. The 3 new levels introduced has our ambitious amphibious ally hoping his way through the likes of a train station, a sewer, & a swamp while of course avoiding obstacles that are native to those environments. Many such obstacles will be very familiar since they were all featured in the original game while there are a few new ones that make an appearance. In addition to this, obstacle/level alterating power-ups have also been added and on some occassions can break the game's difficulty (arguably). For example, there's one that completly stops most enemies on the screen and there's another that will allow Frogger to be invinsible for roughly 10 second...which in most cases is more than enough time to be near the end of the level. Speaking of difficulty breaking...there are several game modes to choose from including time trial, score attack, and arcade but easiest is Free Play. In Free Play mode, you have have infinate life, no timer, and can still get all 4 trophies for clearing each level. While the game retains its level of difficulty, it still just seems to lack much of a challenge when the life limitation and time restrictions have been removed. The only drawback to Free Play is that it doesn't take score...but again, since all the trophies are level related, the game doesn't give players much of a reason to care about increasing their high score. IMO, the game is best played in Arcade mode which gives you 3 lives and a minute to get each from through the level and into home base. Once you get a game over, you have to start all over again...their are no checkpoints. At least if one plays this way, they'll feel like they earned the high end trophies that are otherwise just given to them but Konami does give players a choice and I can't really say that that's ever a bad thing.

My Breakdown:

What's Good:

- Retains its classic gameplay and has a nostalgic appeal
- ^ Sound effects are still the same
- Updated visual are decent
- Nice way to kill time
- The new levels and obstacles are a nice addition
- A good variety of modes to play in

What's Not-So-Good:

- Personally, I could have done without the power-ups
- Trophy support feels sort of tacked on
- So of new obstacles make absolutely no sense whatsoever (seriously, a monkey in a swamp?)

What's Bad:

- Way too short
- Free Play mode cheapens the game even though it is optional
- The game doesn't give players much of a reason to care about raising their high score (trophies, unlockable content, etc)

In all, Frogger Returns is nice little stroll down memory lane but that just about it. There isn't much here that's new or different but hey it is a cheap download from the Playstation Store. I can't say there's much of a reason to or not to check this game out.