This game isn't worth playing in my opinion.

User Rating: 5 | Friday the 13th NES
I did not enjoy Friday the 13th on the nes. It is another game on the nes that is based off of a film. When you first start it, it doesn't look like it would be too bad, but once you play it, you will probably find flaws.

Game play: All you do is walk around fighting zombies, wolfs, and Jason when he appears outside occasionally. And when the alarm goes off, you have to find which cabin Jason is in before the time runs out then you fight him, repeats for three in-game days.


Not too bad, until you go into the cabins, they are in 3D and sometimes you have to press a button more than once to get your character to move in a certain direction, obviously a flaw in the engine programming, but it was probably written in Assembly, so that is understandable.

Challenge level:

This game is challenging, but the problem is, it is repetitive, you do the same thing until the game is done or you get game over. The hard part is Jason, due to the programming of him.


This game is not fun in my opinion. You can't even tell if you are going left or right, sometimes when you think you are going left, you are really going right or the other way around. The game is repetitive, which makes the game tedious and overall, it is not fun to play in my opinion.

Overall, I did not enjoy this game, I just get annoyed when I play it, there are a lot of better nes games out there, but I must admit, the game was frightening for the time, it is possible to get startled. I give this a 5/10.